Selecting a Shop for RV Body Repair

Your Special Vehicle

Your RV isn't an ordinary vehicle. Not only is it large, but it's also a home on wheels, complete with features similar in many ways to those found in a conventional house. Therefore, you shouldn't choose just any auto body shop when your rolling accommodations need repair. Instead, choose A-1 Truck Repair in Bakersfield, California. Our expert technicians have extensive experience with oversized and heavy-duty vehicles. We look forward to assisting you with your RV body repairs.

Specific Considerations

When selecting an auto body shop for RV repairs, there are special considerations relevant to the vehicle category and the task at hand. First, inquire about the staff's qualifications. In addition to the obvious need for body repair specialists, make sure the facility has someone who is knowledgeable about the mechanical and electrical components of your recreational vehicle. This is important because of wiring and special components unique to your vehicle's status as a mobile house. Also, ask about the shop's capability to replicate/fabricate parts. While it's typically easy to order replacement body panels and components for passenger cars, that isn't always true for RVs. Some models are produced in very limited quantities. That translates into the limited availability of replacement parts when the body is damaged.

Further, make sure the establishment you're considering has adequate tools and equipment. Specifically, this means the shop has general tools and any specialized items needed for your brand, as well as modern equipment to accommodate repairs of oversized transportation. Finally, ask that all-important question that's the follow-up to these three. Is all work done onsite, or will your RV be taken to other specialty shops for certain aspects of the repair job? A properly staffed, well-equipped business will not likely need to outsource parts of the repair job. Consider that once your vehicle goes out to another shop, you begin to lose your control over the work as well as your ability to communicate with someone about progress.

A Reputable Choice

If you select A-1 Truck Repair for your RV bodywork, you can be assured that you're making a reputable choice. We're the only I-CAR Gold certified shop of heavy-duty vehicle repair in the western United States. With more than 30 years of experience and many satisfied customers, why take your damaged RV anywhere else?

Written by A-1 Truck & Equipment