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Tackling the most complex of auto body work for commercial and heavy-duty vehicles takes strong commitment to quality, safety, education, training, facilities, and equipment. As the only I-CAR Gold Certified Heavy-Duty Vehicle collision shop in the western United States, A-1 Truck & Equipment of Ventura, California, not only accepts that challenge but exceeds expectations by continuously improving and growing.

Growth Through The Years

Our business began in 1986 as a general body shop. However, we shifted our focus exclusively to heavy-duty and commercial collision repair in 2008 to better serve our industry where it was most needed. We constructed a new facility in 2009, and we haven't stopped improving our capabilities since then. Currently, we have 11 bays and 13 technicians in our state-of-the-art, modernly equipped building. We also have amenities not typical of other repair shops, including a learning center for continued professional development.

Come see the difference our all-in commitment makes in both the quality of our auto body repairs and restorations. You'll find us near the Santa Clara River and the Santa Paula Freeway at 1588 Los Angeles Avenue. Give us a call at 805.659.1817 or simply stop by. Walk-ins are always welcome.

People First

As much as we pride ourselves on expert heavy-duty repairs and restoration, our first concern is for the people who operate and fix those vehicles. We begin by taking great care of and providing outstanding opportunities for our employees. As is evidenced by our Gold Certification through I-CAR, our specialists are all well-trained. We keep abreast of the latest techniques in damage repair and will always prioritize time for training and education. We have to do our part to stay on top of our industry. Our company culture is positive, too, because we treat one another like family. In fact, we are a family-run business. Staff well-being translates into outstanding customer service.

We're always eager to talk with customers about oversized or specialized commercial vehicle body repair needs, and we offer plenty of conveniences such as a comfortable waiting area, electronic status updates, and the fastest turnaround we can provide (much quicker than the industry standard). And, of course, our quality is impeccable, second to none.

We Help You Get Jobs Done Right

At A-1 Truck & Equipment in Ventura, California, we take great pride in serving those who work hard by servicing commercial vehicles and equipment. From the largest tractors cultivating the vineyards and fields to the parents braving a road trip in an RV to give their children a great summer experience, we salute you. We support the truck drivers that keep our country moving. Emergency workers and first responders, we appreciate every fire and rescue call you run. Know that it's our pleasure to keep your equipment safe and working great. There's nothing better than the opportunity we have to keep you moving.

Services We Are Proud To Provide

Commercial Vehicle Body Shop-icon

Commercial Vehicle Body Shop

Vehicle damage can be unsettling, particularly if the issues involving your high-use, heavy-duty trucks and equipment are extensive. Fortunately, there is a place in Ventura, California, that is prepared, staffed, and equipped to handle all your heavy-duty auto body repair needs. Located at 1588 Los Angeles Avenue, A-1 Truck & Equipment is the only I-CAR Gold Certified collision repair shop for your oversized work vehicle in the western United States. Whether you need a minor touch-up or a complete restoration, we can take care of any make or model commercial/oversized project. In business since 1986 and specializing in these types of overhauls since 2008, we know how to get vehicles back on the road safely and quickly. Give us a call at 805.659.1817 to discuss how we can return your special use equipment back to its original condition or simply stop by. If Your Vehicle Needs It, We Can Do It We focus on one thing, auto body restoration for heavy-duty, oversized, and/or commercial vehicles. Our specialization means we offer a comprehensive range of services for the vehicles that can be hard to care for. It also affords us the opportunity to train, gain experience, and hone our skills to become the best at what we do. We can take care of RV's, trailers, tractors, box trucks, class 6-8 trucks, delivery trucks, sprinter vans, utility beds, emergency vehicles (fire, rescue, etc.), commercial vehicles, all types of buses, and any other related project you have. No job is too small or too large for us. We can take care of a minor scrape, extensive rust, or a complete restoration -- and we do it all on-site. We even have our own metal fabrication area, which saves the time and hassle of having custom replacement parts made elsewhere. We color match paint on-site, too.

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RV Body Repair-icon

RV Body Repair

When you have RV body damage, it's important that you get quality repairs to preserve both the value and safety of your home away from home. Cutting corners simply cannot be an option, so cut to the chase and come straight to A-1 Truck & Equipment in Ventura, California. We are conveniently located between the Santa Clara River and the Santa Paula Freeway, our state-of-the-art 11 bay shop at 1588 Los Angeles Avenue. We've been in business as a body shop since 1986, focusing exclusively on large heavy-duty vehicles like your motorhome since 2008. Give us a call at 805.659.1817 to let us know how we can help you with your RV's body repair needs. Important & Common Repairs You've made an investment with your RV, so you need to protect it. Just as you'd handle repairs for your home, you must do the same for your home on wheels. Proper maintenance and repair preserve the structural integrity of the vehicle. That's important when you're counting on your RV for transportation and shelter. Certain portions of a recreation vehicle are more susceptible to damage than others. For instance, one of the most common body repairs is front and rear fiberglass cap restoration. While these are great for minimizing wind resistance, they are prone to fading, breaking seal from the roof, and sometimes even cracking. Another common item that needs replacing is aluminum siding. Obviously, even a small impact can puncture or crumple the thin sheets, leaving an unsightly blemish that may allow water to seep inside. Similarly, any problem with the roof--whether related to a collision, age, or other factors--leaves you susceptible to interior water damage. Awnings and slide covers fray over time or fall victim to windstorms. This is a particular problem if the supporting structure is ripped from the metal. Finally, we also often fix storage bin doors that have fallen or been torn off.

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Firetruck Body Repair-icon

Firetruck Body Repair

When there's a crisis, the public calls upon first responders for help. But what happens when the emergency vehicle has a problem of its own? You can stamp out the hot spots by bringing fire trucks and other emergency response vehicles to A-1 Truck & Equipment in Ventura, California. You'll find us at 1588 Los Angeles Avenue. We're the only I-Car Gold Certified heavy-duty vehicle body repair shop in the western United States, so no one else can provide the same quality of repairs as quickly as we can. If you're not in the neighborhood, give us a call at 805.659.1817 to discuss a plan for top-notch body repairs to your emergency response truck. Body Damage A fire truck has to perform day after day through every weather and road condition. Over time, this can take its toll. Once the paint and primer are breached, not only is there visible damage, but the truck also becomes vulnerable to water and other elements that foster rust. Therefore, it's important to routinely inspect a fire truck for signs of damage or the beginning of rust. If allowed to progress, rust damages the structural integrity of the truck. This is unsightly, presenting an image unbecoming to your organization. Worse, it can cause reduced functionality and compromise the safety, depending upon the specific location. Your fire truck doesn't have to fall victim to rust, however. Instead, bring it to us for rust removal and restoration. We also perform auto body repairs for fire and emergency response vehicles.

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Fleet Vehicle Body Repair-icon

Fleet Vehicle Body Repair

When you have a business to run, it may feel as if the last thing you have time to do is worry about fleet vehicle appearances. The truth is that you don't have time to ignore them. The physical condition of your commercial fleet is directly correlated to your ability to earn money. First, if issues interfere with a truck's capacity to function properly, you're losing money regardless of whether that vehicle is intended for deliveries, sales calls, transport of goods, or service calls. Any automobile in disrepair may pose a traffic hazard. This risk is heightened when the culprit is a heavy commercial vehicle. Image matters, too. You'll attract significantly more business when your fleet looks professional and appealing. For all these reasons, you need to pay close attention to the auto body repair needs of heavy-duty transportation, and you need A-1 Truck & Equipment in Ventura, California. Located at 1588 Los Angeles Avenue within easy access of major routes, we are the only I-CAR Gold Certified body repair shop for heavy-duty vehicles in the western United States. That recognition gives you peace of mind that our services yield beautiful, safe results. To see what we can do, give us a call at 805.659.1817 to discuss fleet vehicle body repair.

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Heavy Duty Vehicle Body Repair-icon

Heavy Duty Vehicle Body Repair

Your heavy-duty commercial vehicle is a necessity for your business, so it's important that it not become a heavy burden for you. A-1 Truck & Equipment in Ventura, California, is your one-stop shop for peace of mind in heavy-duty vehicle body repair. You'll find us at 1588 Los Angeles Avenue between the Santa Clara River and the Santa Paula Freeway. Even more convenient than our easily accessible location is the full range of body repair services we offer for your vehicle. Give us a call at 805.659.1817, and stop losing sleep over the physical condition of your commercial transportation. Performance One consideration in commercial auto body repair is performance. Although high quality maintenance and reconditioning comes with a price tag, it is ultimately less expensive than the productivity you may lose over time if your vehicle is not up to par. Do you really want your driver stopping frequently to put up the poorly fitting tailgate that has unintentionally fallen again? Think of the time that costs along a delivery route! Also, unaddressed body issues may progress to the point of putting the vehicle completely out of commission such that it cannot perform the task at hand at all.

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Frame Repair-icon

Frame Repair

Although heavy-duty vehicles have a long life expectancy, one incident could leave you with a compromised frame and an investment that just took a financial free fall. To recover your capital outlay and keep your business moving, give A-1 Truck & Equipment in Ventura, California, a call at 805.659.1817 to discuss frame repair. We're the only I-CAR Gold Certified body repair shop for heavy-duty vehicles in the western United States, so you know you can entrust your important collision restoration project to us. You'll find us conveniently located at 1588 Los Angeles Avenue. While there may be a few bends in the nearby Santa Clara River, we'll straighten those curves right out of your commercial application vehicle frame. The Importance of Frame Repair While a cut-rate repair facility with low standards might focus solely on initial visual appearance, we recognize the importance of an auto body repair that addresses all physical issues, including the frame. This is important because the result of every other body repair--whether related to aesthetics or safety--hinges upon the structural integrity of the frame. If a warped frame is not fixed properly, other body parts will never fit together as well as they should. The underlying problem can add undue stress to all components of the suspension system, causing untimely wear. Tires may also fare poorly because proper wheel alignment cannot be achieved with a bent frame. Finally, driver and passenger safety may be compromised if there is a subsequent crash because an ailing frame cannot provide adequate structural protection.

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