Heavy Duty Truck Frame Repairs

It Matters to Everyone

Frame condition impacts safe vehicle operation and handling. It matters. When the vehicle is a large heavy-duty model, it matters to everyone. It impacts how well the driver can maneuver and control the rig, influences the longevity and investment for the owner, and affects the safety of other motorists who share the road with the commercial units. Because it matters, choose A-1 Truck Repair in Ventura, California, for heavy-duty vehicle frame repair. We dedicate our bodywork to commercial vehicles. We have extensive experience with big trucks, RVs, fire trucks, or any other challenging oversized unit you may have.

Oversized Frame Repair

Your vehicle's frame is just what it sounds because it holds the auto together much like the floor joists that support your house, having rails down the length of the vehicle with supporting cross members. If an accident has damaged the frame of any vehicle, there are certain tell-tale signs. One of the most obvious is a visible bend in the vehicle's structure. Also, other components may not fit together well anymore. Further, tires may suddenly begin wearing unevenly. You may also notice improper wheel tracking (diagonal as opposed to straight). A closer look underneath may reveal suspension component damage, as well, or even cracking along the frame. If the frame isn't cracked or otherwise too severely damaged, it's possible to straighten it. That's where large, heavy-duty vehicle frame repair becomes interesting. Imagine how difficult the task becomes for oversized units, as challenging as it may be to repair a passenger car's frame. Ordinary shops are simply not equipped to handle such jobs, but A-1 Truck Repair has state-of-the-art equipment sized to fit your commercial project.

Your Trusted Shop for Heavy Duty Frame Repair

When your heavy-duty vehicle has sustained frame damage, you need to have it repaired. After all, it impacts your ability to make a living, respond to emergencies, move passengers, or whatever line of work you perform. You can't, however, drop your big rig off just anywhere for collision repair. Your best choice is A-1 Truck Repair, the only I-Car Gold-certified facility for commercial vehicles on the west coast.

Written by A-1 Truck & Equipment