How Frame Repair Is Important For You

The Necessity Of Frame Repair

Every vehicle built today is held together by a frame. Think of it like the skeleton on a human body. Without the skeleton, the body would simply fall to pieces. The same principal applies to a vehicle’s frame. A vehicle frame is molded to exact specifications for weight distribution. Without the structural frame, the vehicle would simply fall in on itself. If you experience an accident that damages the frame, any fix that does not involve the repairing it will hinder your vehicle’s drivability. At A-1 Truck and Equipment in Ventura, CA, we value the importance of quality frame repair. Located near the Santa Clara river, our shop sees a lot of heavy-duty vehicles that need to be straightened out.

What Goes Into A Repair

At is core. Frame repair is re-building it to factory standards. A vehicle’s frame is measured to the nearest millimeter. To complete the repair, we use a computer programmed machine that measures all the imperfections in the frame. The frame is then held in place for repair and straightening. Hydraulic pressure and ramming mold the frame to its original shape. The process is slow and methodical, making sure the repair takes hold. Once completed, we can go about reinstalling all major body panels and parts. If any of the panels need repair, they are repaired and repainted. Once the panels bolt back on, the adjoining parts are put on as well. After the completion of the repairs, the vehicle is tested and driven to ensure everything is performing as it should. 

Importance Of A Good Repair

We see time and time again where other body shops only focus on the vehicle’s appearance. Our team however, focuses on what lies beneath the surface in the repair process. A damaged frame can lead to a real headache for you and your vehicle. If it is not repaired well, the vital parts that attach to it will not line up. In addition, the ill-fitting components will cause further stress on the vehicle. This includes increased wear on the tires and a bad alignment. Worst case scenario is the frame collapse, leaving your vehicle in a total heap. It's very important you have a ASE-certified body repair technician check out the vehicle from top to bottom. 

Getting a thorough check on your damaged vehicle is paramount to getting a high quality auto repair done. Any body repair done to your vehicle is meaningless if the frame is damaged and untouched. If you have any questions at all at frame repair, please give us a call at 805.243.0780. Our team looks forward to getting your heavy-duty vehicle the TLC it deserves!

Written by A-1 Truck & Equipment