Keep Your Commercial Vehicle Looking Like New

It's Not Cheap!

Your business transportation is a hefty investment. On average, large commercial vehicles start at a low range of about $99,000, while those on the higher end go for $200,000 plus. Further, statistics show that such vehicles have been on the road for about 15 years. Therefore, it's in your best interest to keep your transportation looking like new with time commercial vehicle body repair at A-1 Truck Repair in Bakersfield, California.

Save or Make Money by Spending on Timely Repairs

Yes, keeping your oversized vehicle in prime condition requires an expenditure. However, you can actually save or even make money by keeping up with timely repairs. How? First, you'll protect the resale value. Should you decide to sell or trade the vehicle for a newer or upgraded model, you'll get more for the old one if it looks nice and well kept. Also, drivers and other employees tend to treat a vehicle better if it's visually attractive. While it's probably subconscious, more care is taken with and around transportation that's in good repair. It minimizes the attitude that one more dent or scrape won't make a difference. Finally, the appearance of your business's vehicle(s) communicates a message about your business. What is your transportation saying about you? If your vehicle looks nice and well maintained, potential customers or clients perceive that your business is well run, too. They associate care put into such outward appearances with the care put into the goods or services they need. Thus, an investment in keeping your commercial vehicle(s) looking great will be returned to you in the form of increased revenue.

Protecting Your Investment

Protect your business's image and transportation investment with commercial vehicle body repair at A-1 Truck Repair. We're the sole I-CAR Gold certified shop for heavy-duty vehicle repair in the western United States. With more than three decades of experience, we've learned how to use our expertise to help make your transportation and business look great.

Written by A-1 Truck & Equipment