The Reason Behind RV Damage

RV Body Repair

Driving an RV is a fun and life-changing experience. It gives you the freedom of the open road and a place to stay at the end of a long day. However on the open road, there are plenty of hazards that can damage your RV. Because of their size, they are susceptible to damage from signs, tree branches, bridges, and other overhanging pieces of debris. You may wonder what’s the best way to avoid them. Well at A-1 Truck and Equipment, we have the tools and expertise to help steer you clear from disaster. Our team of ASE-certified technicians has seen all since we started working on RVs in 2008. To help protect your RV in the future, we share ways you can avoid potential damage, and the common damage to your RV.

Common Areas For Concern

As mentioned above, your RV can be susceptible to damage from over-hanging objects. Simply eye-balling it and telling yourself you can make it is not going to work. We’ve seen this time and time again where the front and/or fiberglass cap has suffered significant damage. As a rule, pay very close attention to any clearance sign you see on the road. It is imperative that you measure to the very top point of RV, and note that length wherever it's easiest to find later. The same goes for attachments like awning, antenna and steps. They need to be secured before traveling at higher speeds. Wind can unfurl the awning, resulting in it acting like sail, and rips its hardware right off your RV. It may be a good idea to have a protective shield to cover the awning and prevent it from becoming lost. Antennas can be stowed away. You just have to keep a reminder for yourself. 

Other Things To Consider

While not as common an area of concern, environmental damage is nevertheless important. Fires, in particular, can start anytime. As many fires start while the RV is on the move while it is also on the move. This can come down to being careless with heat sources like candles, ovens, and grills. A simple way to avoid this is never leave anything unattended for any amount of time. In addition, do not use an on-board stove or oven to heat the RV. Also in regards to fire, blown-out tires, worn-out bearings, and overheated brakes can spark a fire. As a rule of thumb, please check around your RV for any signs of wear, and KEEP YOUR TIRES PROPERLY INFLATED! Be sure to continually check the roof as well. Any damage can lead to water falling in and ruining the interior. By the same token, check your refrigerator for any signs of condensation. If you see a damp area on the carpet around the fridge, that's a good sign for a leak.

Best piece of advice we can give you is this; when you buy an RV, be respectful toward it. They are very complicated, cumbersome machines that require a lot of care and love to keep them safe. If you have any questions at all about RVs or RV repair, give us a call at 805.301.9513. Our shop is located at 1588 Los Angeles Avenue in Ventura, CA. We’ll see you soon!!!

Written by A-1 Truck & Equipment